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    • Date: 10/22/21 Time: 6 pm edt   Attendance:    Notes:``` Promotions/New Members: 2 Members Currently in Squad: 100 Stuff to work on this week: let keep up the good work and let keep the main labby active,  let try to get more people host gamenight and join them so we can all have fun and chill  so it not just leadership hosting. And if anyone wants to become staff just let me know or games or idiotica. Things happening this month: Other Notes: Main server has a ticket bot that will let you ask any questions needed with support team. Activity and Security checks: 11:59pm this friday. Programs: Please continue to join the web teams. We need members for the following teams: AAP Awards & Achievements Program: They watch and see who is eligible for an award for the month Events Team- They create EGS Events like Tournys, Skribbl.io and Music Nights, shoot maybe you can even make up a cards against humanity Gamenight! Recruitment Team- Help peeps recruit members by sending helpful tips and info to them News Team- they gather egs and gaming news. GFX: Help make graphics for EGS. People can make a request once they hit 10 to 15 posts. Stream Team- They stream gameplay on Twitch EGS Sniping Team- they snipe and gather clips for a group montage  YouTube Team- They gather clips of gameplay Court Team- you’ll be able to see and be sort of a jury type of thing where you’ll see their side and make a decision. Web Ops: Help moderate the website making sure the website is clean of spam and old topics. SPONSORSHIPS: JerkyXP 10% Fade Grips 20% Gamer Grind Co 5% Roque Energy Drinks 10% Aporia Customs 5% Chain of command: Please utilize your chain of command, go from the rank right above you and if they arent available in 5 minutes then you can go higher with your questions. Open door policy: We do have a open door policy to speak with leaders with issues and suggestions, please try to utilize the chain of command first but our leaders
    • TLE Gamenight Notes  Host: EGS Aliveone V  Date: 10/22/2021 Time: 7pm EDT Game: RL Attendance: darkshadow  Comments: RL Fun. Customs and Online.
    • TLE Gamenight Notes  Host: EGS Aliveone V  Date: 10/21/2021 Time: 7pm EDT Game: RL Comments: RL Fun. Customs and Online.
    • TLE Gamenight Notes  Host: EGS Mau V Date: 10/20/2021 Time: 9pm EDT Game: Any and RL Attendance:  Mau Alive Prisonmike Nightwave Isiah Idiotica DarkShadow KJay Pandabar DocDeath Evilzach Comments: RL Fun. Customs and Online.
    • Tle workshop notes  Host :  @EGS_AliveOne_V Time : 5 pm est Topic:  how to train Properly  Attendance:  egs Nightwaive, egs Mau,  egs idiotica, egs dark, fern777 , doc death 
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